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DEALERS in :- Empty MS Barrels,  Plastic (HDPE) Barrels,                   Lubricating OIL, Waste OIL & Different types of  Industrial Scraps. 

New & Refurbished 220 litre MS Drums.

Barrels with close and open mouth  top available(16 to 19kgs).       Measurements & inner coating & galvanization of barrels,  all  requirements are met  at  P.J. Enterprises. We also  Provide refurbished containers with the best quaility, tested and approved by the experts. Our experts have over 20 years of experience and deep understanding regarding storage of different chemicals.

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New & Refurbished 220 litre HDPE Drums.

Barrels with close and open mouth top available. All the requirements regarding thickness , weight , measurement are met at P.J. Enterprises. We also provide refurbished barrels with the  best quality tested and approved by our experts.

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     We provide quality as per industrail stantards.         Customer Satisfaction is our Top priority.

Dedicated team

Our team is experienced and  focused to  helping clients regarding their query. We are 100% committed to our clients success. 

Scheduled Delivery

We provide planned delivery for our product.Our major operations are in Maharashtra and Gujarat . 


From different barrel tops & color paints , we provide all customization with  the industrial  standards.


We provide barrels with good quality as per the Industrial standards.  The  barrels are properly processed for reuse purposes . 

Products available

We are large supplier of refurbished Drums.All Metal and HPDE barrels are proccessed and tested for reusability period.We provide Services in Maharashtra , Gujarat and Goa.

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MR. Navin Bhadra

Founder  P.J. ENTERPRISES          CONTACT NO :+9197 6904 9571 Email:[email protected]    

MR. Karan Bhadra

Marketing & Sales P.J.ENTERPRISES             CONTACT  NO:+9179 7757 3113        Email:[email protected]